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The Parish Church of St. John's at Margate, Kent, England - where Tom Fasham was baptised (1823) and where his family attended church for almost 400 years before him.

Marriage Certificate of Thomas Fasham and Emma Easter (1847).

Melbourne in 1853, looking across the River Yarra Yarra. It is likely this is the scene that greeted Thomas and William as they disembarked the "Walmer Castle" on arrival that year.

The homestead built in Koondrook ca 1884 by Thomas and Emma Fasham. Note the bullock wagon in front. The home is now gone.

Members of the Family of Thomas and Emma Easter Fasham

Thomas Fasham born 1847 Canterbury, Kent, England, son of Thomas and Emma Easter Fasham. He married Catherine Hester Winnett in 1871. The photo to the right is of Thomas and Catherine Hester Winnett Fasham later in life.

On the occasion of the marriage of Thomas William Fasham to Margaret Routledge McAlpine 1895. Thomas William, the first son of Thomas and Catherine Hester Winnett Fasham, born 1872.

Thomas William Fasham and his family.

From left to right back row: Winifred Easter, Francis Evelyn, Mervin Fairfield, Millicent Rose

From left to right front row:Olive Margaret, Margaret (McAlpine), Eric Noel, Thomas William, Hazel Elliot

Picture taken ca 1914. Courtesy of Randal Young

Children of Thomas William Fasham and Margaret Routledge McAlpine Fasham

From left to right back row: Millicent, Winifred, Hazel

From left to right front row: Mervin, Eric (seated on stool), Olive (on Francis' knee), Francis

Picture taken ca 1910. Courtesy of Randal Young

George Frederick Fasham born 1888 son of Thomas and Catherine Winnett Fasham, died 1990 just one month short of 102 years of age. This picture taken at his 100th birthday celebration in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Courtesy of his granddaughter, Wendy Wallace.

John Fasham was born in 1851 the third son and child of Tom and Emma. No picture is available of John. He married Mary Ann Norris in 1876. Mary Ann Norris Fasham (far right) with children: l-r Anne Sullivan Fasham, wife of Charles (sitting) and Alfred Edgar Fasham. Photo taken shortly before Alf and Charles left for the front during WWI. John died in 1916, other children of the marriage missing are: Leslie (Tom) Fasham - in Queensland. Picture below; Frederick William, deceased; Herbert Henry (picture below); Ethel Elizabeth, deceased; Albert Hector, deceased; and Myrtle (picture below).

Mary Ann Norris Fasham in her late sixties.
Andon the occasion of her 78th birthday celebration. Photos courtesy of Alwyn Fasham.

John Edward Leonard Patterson (Jack) Fasham born 1877 son of John and Mary Ann Norris Fasham. With him is his daughter Paulene. Picture courtesy of his son Leonard John (Jack) Fasham, South Australia.

Alfred Edgar Fasham (to the right of the screen) born 1888 a son of John and Mary Ann Norris Fasham.Charles Stanley Fasham (to the left) bn 1890 also a son of John and Mary Ann Norris Fasham. Both Alfred and Charles served in France and Egypt during WWI, returning to Australia in 1919 aboard "HMS Sudan". Photos courtesy of Alwyn Fasham.

Leslie Easter (Tom) Fasham bn 1892 the last son of John and Mary Ann Norris Fasham. He married Mabel Ellen (Emilie) Irwin and they spent their entire lives in Queensland, Australia where Tom had gone as a young man.Mabel was the daughter of Robert and Ellen Thompson Irwin, born 1895 Bundaberg, Queensland. Tom and Emilie were the parents of two sons, John Charles England, born to Emilie and her first husband, John Charles England who was killed in a railway shunting accident. John's surname was later changed to Fasham by deed poll. Tom and Emilie had one son together, Alwyn Wilfred Fasham. Al was a wonderful supplier of information on his family line and also supplied these pictures. He is sorely missed.

Myrtle Fasham with husband Albert Koebecke. Myrtle was born 1897 the last child of John and Mary Ann Norris Fasham. Photo courtesy of Alwyn Fasham.

Emma Jane Fasham Ware (center) with her two daughters, Beatrice (left) and Elsie (right). Emma was born 1857 the only daughter of Thomas and Emma Easter Fasham. She married Samuel Ware (no picture available) in 1890. Photo courtesy of my marvelous mother, Joyce Muriel Fasham Trimmer.

Frederick Charles Fasham born 1859 a son of Thomas and Emma Easter Fasham and his wife Bessie Sarah Adams, daughter of William Adams and Sarah Hillier, born 1859. Photos of Fred and Bessie's family courtesy of Rosa Elizabeth Russell Fasham, wife of Harold (Hal) via Ethel and Ern Fasham and Joyce Fasham Trimmer.

Homestead built by Frederick Charles and Bessie Sarah Adams Fasham in Koondrook ca 1891. It was not far from the original Fasham home and is still standing today.

Hilda Leah May Fasham was born 1887 to Frederick Charles and Bessie (Bessy) Sarah Adams Fasham. This picture was taken abt 1898 and shows her in her outfit for a school performance.

The picture on the right is of Hilda shortly after her marriage to James Taig in 1909. She was a gracious and beautiful woman. Photos courtesy of my Auntie Rosa Russell Fasham.

Harold Ernest Fasham was born 1893, the fourth son and fifth child of Frederick Charles and Bessie Sarah Adams Fasham.
Harold (Hal) married Rosa Elizabeth Russell in 1920 and they were the parents of two sons, Charles Harold and Ernest George Fasham. This picture was taken at the Fasham Sawmill in North Barham, NSW, Australia about 1934. Notice the huge tank stand behind the family. This was a favourite place of mine to play when I was a little girl. Auntie Rosa always worried I would be bitten by a snake hiding in the long grass under the tank stand. Thank goodness I wasn't! On the back row l-r is Ernest George Fasham and Charles Harold Fasham (died Changi POW Camp, Singapore, during WWII). Front row - Rosa Elizabeth Russell Fasham and Harold (Hal).

One of Uncle Hal's favourite pastimes was working with his dogs. His greyhound, Fire Flash, was his pride and joy and a great racing dog.