Over the past several years I have researched my family - sometimes with much success, other times with the invitation to keep searching, for they are out there somewhere! In an effort to share this information, this web page has been developed ... you simply click on the link you are interested in, and through the magic of FamilyWeb, you can navigate through my family's pedigree charts, family group records and individual summaries ... you can also view, browse or read photo journals, histories, memories, biographies, and more ... I hope you enjoy these pages as much as I enjoyed preparing and publishing them. Questions? My e-mail address is listed below.

Have fun and happy hunting!!

Glenys J. Trimmer Rasmussen

Horace and Isabel Fasham

Horace Easter Fasham and Isabel Thornborough Russell
mrd 18 June 1918, Koondrook, Victoria, Australia

My wonderful grandparents!

Glenys' Genealogy (this area is under construction)
History of Thomas Fasham
Biography of Alfred Trimmer
History of John James Russell
Short Biography of Charles Russell
Story of John Thornborough
History of William and Sarah Hillier Adams
Biography of Lillian Hurst Foster Swan
Grandma Fasham (Isabel Thornborough Russell Fasham)
Memories of my Childhood
QuietAcre Poem by John Williams
Photo Journal
Navy Memories of Robert Clifton Rasmussen
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